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How to do Talent Mapping

talent mapping

Talent Mapping is the most vital thing when it comes to recruitment. It plays a leading role especially when you are working on an executive-level search or senior leadership hiring.


To map an organization, first, it’s important to understand the requirements for which you want to map the particular business.

Once you are clear, you can get on to LinkedIn, which is one of the most nominal social media platforms in terms of hiring or engaging with talent.

You can use different keywords search, skills search to map the talents from the organization (you also have the location filter just in case you are too specific about the location). You can get your searcher from specific groups by joining your search-related groups on LinkedIn. Rather than in LinkedIn, you can also search for talents on portals where people upload their resumes.

Searching talent on the internet differs from the skill, you understand the requirement of mapping. Understanding the role you need to map is the most important.

In terms of Audentia Research

We don’t rely on LinkedIn or other social or professional media sites, we actually speak to the very people you are looking to identify. This ensures our findings are detailed, verified, and completely up-to-date. Through a combination of online research and telephone investigation, we can typically deliver a report including profiles of relevant executives with information such as Job roles, reporting lines, team structure, career profile, educational qualification, location, and contact details.

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